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Grenade-Shaped Marijuana Grinder Causes Airport Evacuation

Marijuana Grinder Grenade

A marijuana grinder shaped like a camouflage grenade halted Bellingham Airport in Washington State. The TSA found the grinder in a passenger’s carry-on luggage.  Bellingham Police Department’s bomb squad responded to the call for assistance.

A total of four flights were delayed, according to reports by The Bellingham Herald. Given that a grenade-shaped object showed up in the scan, safety and security became an issue, resulting in an evacuation of both the screening and boarding areas. When the passenger was questioned as to what was in the bag, his reply was: “just clothes.”

The bomb squad had to inspect the “object” found in the luggage and later determined it to be nothing more than a marijuana grinder. Even if the passenger had told the TSA agents that there was a marijuana grinder in the baggage, the shape of it would have still raised concerns.

TSA Spokeswoman Lorie Dankers said, “That’s why we have these processes in place — it’s just what we have to do. Passengers can be helpful, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t verify.”

Dankers revealed that agents typically do not look for drugs or drug paraphernalia in luggage, it is typically explosives and weapons that they are on the lookout for.

It is reported that local law enforcement has yet to determine how they will proceed with the incident.