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New Vaporizer is Being Called the “Keurig for Marijuana”


Boston-based startup CannaKorp has developed a vaporizer called the CannaCloud that is being dubbed as the “Keurig for marijuana” because of its pod-style vaporizing system. Pre-measured pods, or cups, filled with marijuana are inserted into the vaporizer where they are heated to create vapor. The CannaCloud will be available in early 2017.

The entire process takes about one minute from inserting the “pod” into the canister to inhaling vapor, Tech Insider writes. CannaCloud’s structure is set to specific dosages and is all pre-packaged.

The innovative approach to making marijuana easier to use for those that prefer vaporizing or using precise dosages is due to two prior Keurig executives now working for CannaKorp. CannaKorp already has 50 dispensaries lined up to sell the marijuana pods to patients.

CannaKorp chairman Dave Manly said, “When you pick up one of the pods, you’re able to read the brand, strength and strain. Every time you do it, it’s going to be the same.”

Another benefit of the CannaCloud is the lower cost, an expected $149 retail price, which is less than many competitors’ products. Each pod will contain 0.4 grams of marijuana and will cost around $10 each.

Manly also stated, “One of our dreams is that someday you’ll go into your CVS or Walgreens and CannaCups will be right there on the shelf, much like cough medicine. We may be a ways away from that. But I think as things evolve and people understand cannabis better, I think it could be mainstream and we’ll be right there with a consumer report.”