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California on Track to Legalize Marijuana This November

CA Marijuana Legalization

According to the results of a recent survey conducted by Public Policy Institute of California, 60-percent of Californians support recreational marijuana legalization. Only 37-percent of those surveyed are opposed.

Hundreds of thousands of signatures have been collected to support the Adult Use of Marijuana Act that will be on the November ballot in California. If it passes, adults in California ages 21 and older would be permitted to possess 1 oz of marijuana and grow up to six plants, SF Gate reports. Licensed retail shops would also be permitted to open in accordance with local restrictions.

Mark Baldassare, PPIC President and CEO, said, “California seems poised to show its blue state credentials in the fall. Voters today are signaling their early support for Democratic statewide candidates, tax initiatives and marijuana legalization.”

Broken down by political affiliation/demographic criteria:

  • Political parties: 69-percent Democratic support, 65-percent independent support, 45-percent Republican support
  • Racial/Ethnic groups: 78-percent black voter support, 65-percent white voter support, 50-percent Asian support and 40-percent Latino support
  • 66-percent of adults under age 35 support legalization
  • Those that have used marijuana support legalization by 78-percent
  • Those who have never used marijuana, oppose legalization by 63-percent

Voters in California support tax dollars from marijuana sales being used for drug abuse prevention.

Baldassare continued by saying, “As the presidential primary season comes to a close, the Republican Party’s favorability rating has declined while the Democratic Party’s favorability rating has held steady. Particularly noteworthy is the big disconnect on immigration policy between Californians and the Republican front runner.”

Supporters and activists for recreational marijuana legalization have raised an estimated $3.3 million in donations to run their campaign. Opponents have raised barely $60,000, including from drug rehab industry entities and several law enforcement entities.