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Startup Develops Marijuana Sugar and Salt for Edibles

Ruby Cannabis Sugar

DeepCell Industries reports to have raised $410,000 to develop technology for use in marijuana-infused products. The Seattle start-up won’t be manufacturing edibles, instead they develop technology and license it. Some of their technology has led to products such as marijuana-infused sugar and salt, in which edible makers will use to make edibles.

The brand has already trademarked its technology, GeekWire reported, and is currently licensed to Green Labs, LLC for its DeepCell Ruby Cannabis Sugar. The Ruby Cannabis Sugar product fuses cannabinoids with sucrose in a mechanical procedure. Salt and alternative marijuana-infused products are expected in the future.

DeepCell CEO Kelly Ogilvie, said, “We are looking to have Ruby Cannabis Sugar be a keystone ingredient for edibles. We want it to unleash the creative potential in the market by enabling more innovation by cooks and cannabis explorers. Our goal is to license the technology and brand nationally and someday internationally. It’s key to understand we do not manufacture or distribute – we own the IP and brand.”

The names of the investors aiding in raising $410,000 for this venture are being kept anonymous.