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Celebrity Bar in Los Angeles Serves Cannabis Cocktails

Marijuana Cocktails

Three cannabis-infused cocktails have been introduced at Gracias Madre, a Los Angeles restaurant that is known as a celebrity hot spot. The cocktails include the non-psychoactive cannabis derivative, CBD, which helps to reduce anxiety and inflammation. A medical marijuana card is not a needed because the cocktails do not contain THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

The drinks are at a cost of $20 each. As reported in Daily Mail, the CBD oil used to make the drinks is sourced from a local San Diego grower. The oil is packaged and branded as being a 100 percent organic product. CBD is becoming widely popular in the U.S. for helping reduce seizures in children.

The “gray area” that allows Gracias Madre to make these drinks is that the specific CBD used for the oil in their drinks comes from the stalk of the plant, not the flower (marijuana). There are no legalities restricting the use of the stalks. Health food stores in California can legally carry CBD products.

Gracias Madres will bring one of three tasty drinks to patrons over the age of 21 that request it.

The drinks available are:

  • Stoney Negroni
  • Rolled Fashioned
  • Sour T-iesel

Each are a play on a classic cocktail combined with the name of a marijuana strain or industry-related vocabulary.