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Dozens of Marijuana-Friendly AirBnB-Style Rentals Open Up

Marijuana Hotels

Although marijuana is both medically and recreationally legal in Colorado, finding somewhere legal to use it is still an issue because of Colorado’s laws stating that marijuana can only be used on private property. So Deborah Button decided to open a business that would offer tourists a place to legally use marijuana while in Colorado.

Button is the owner of a bed and breakfast establishment, CNET reports. The B&B has five rentable rooms and four bathrooms. Not only is marijuana use permitted on the premises, but Button also grows marijuana for her guests.

Marijuana-friendly hotels are often booked far in advance in Colorado. This is a major reason why bed and breakfasts are opening as well as why many private homeowners have opened up their spare rooms and/or entire homes as rentals for visitors. The extra income helps the local economy and still offers tourists a safe place to consume marijuana without judgment.

“We have bongs, vape pens, vapes — all the [marijuana] accouterments that you could dream of. Sometimes, we’ll [put] out 50 rolled joints. It’s like a candy shop in the house,” said Button. “That’s a big draw for visitors. They like to watch the cannabis grow. We have plants at every stage – clones, teenagers, we got ‘em all. They usually tell me, ‘I want to see the babies!’”

This is not the only marijuana-friendly rental option in Colorado for tourists. There are well over a dozen options for marijuana-friendly hotel-like accommodations. Some allow marijuana use in any form and some restrict use to vaping or edible options only.

A Boulder penthouse owner, Vivienne Palmer, rents her space to marijuana-friendly tourists. She says, “I make the rules for what you can do in my house very clear. My biggest concerns are fire danger… No joints, no bongs, anything that you have to hold a flame to, including candles and incense.”