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5 Best Marijuana Strains to Help You Enjoy Summer

Summer Fun Marijuana Strains

Summer is the perfect time to blaze up – everyone has more free time, and blunts, bowls, and vape pens go perfectly with a day at the beach or a summer hike. But certain strains can really weigh you down or make you sluggish, which is exactly what you don’t want while trying to be active in the hot weather.

Below are five of the best strains to try this summer to keep you active, happy, and on your feet, or to help you slowly ease into some summer relaxation.

Contact your local dispensary to see if they currently carry any of these strains.

Strawberry Cough

This delicious sativa is sweet and light, and favored by those who like a softer buzz then the kind brought on by diesels and other heavier buds. This delicious strain actually tastes like strawberries, and is known for bringing on a sense of euphoria and adventure. If you are planning on going for a hike or other outdoor adventure, this is the perfect thing to keep you going and discourage gorging on cookies or slumping into the couch. It’s also great for inspiring conversation, rather than causing smokers to sink into their own thoughts. Be careful when inhaling though, and consider getting a vape pen and trying a concentrate – the flower version of the strain can be slightly harsh to inhale.

Green Crack

For those who want a slightly more intense sativa high during their summer days, Green Crack is always an awesome option. This bud gets its name from its bright green color and super-strong smell, and the fact that it provides more energy than almost any other strain out there. This is perfect for the heavier smoker who wants a buzz that lasts all day, but one that’s a definite upper. Just be careful with this strain if you are more of a lightweight – it’s pretty strong!


While sativas are great for summer days and sustained energy, you also want to spend plenty of time in the summer relaxing. Whether it’s a lazy day at the beach or a summer evening on the porch sipping a beer, you may want to wind down with a nice indica. If so, try this indica-leaning hybrid for a good, relaxing buzz. It’s great for kicking back at the end of the day, and it’s also one of the major strains used for pain, so if you are sore from being active it will especially hit the spot.

New York City Sour Diesel

New York Diesel is the perfect strain for urban exploration, as the name implies. If your plan for the day is to hit the coffee shops, museums, and stores, or to head out on the town for a night of clubbing or a metal or hip-hop show, this incredibly upbeat strain is just the thing. This cross between the famous sativa Sour Diesel and the laid back indica known as Afghani mellows out the upper qualities, making it the perfect companion for those who want to be social but may experience some anxiety or panic in crowds or busy places.


This one earns a place on the list purely for the name and delicious taste that makes it perfect for summer. This cross between Girl Scout Cookies, Jacksonville Kush, and Durban is a major mutt, but the flavor ends up as a creamier, more Cookie-influenced take on Strawberry Cough. Try pairing this bud with a delicious ice cream at the end of a long, hot day to really top things off and get you in the summer spirit.

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