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2016’s State Marijuana Legalization Ballot Initiatives

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This election year a dozen states have or expect to have marijuana ballot initiatives in place. Much of the conversation is on California, as a rejection there could hinder other states’ legalization efforts.

In states where signatures are still being collected, deadlines are fast approaching. About half of the expected states with initiatives have secured places on their respective ballot, MjBizDaily reports.

Here is a state-by-state breakdown:

Marijuana initiatives will be on the ballot

Florida – Florida’s initiative is known as Amendment 2 and was presented by United For Care. The amendment is to expand the current medical marijuana program.

Maine – Maine is working on recreational marijuana legalization with The Marijuana Legalization Act, overseen by Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). Maine has plans for marijuana social clubs.

Nevada –  Nevada’s ballot measure is Question 2, which is for recreational marijuana legalization. Nevada would permit current medical marijuana business owners to open retail locations for recreational sales only, for the first 18-months. It would also permit out-of-state owners to operate facilities.

Still working on petition approval

Arkansas – The 2016 Arkansas Medical Cannabis initiative hopes to approve medical marijuana in the state. The state requires 75-percent of the signatures submitted to be valid and has 30 days from the submission date of June 21, 2016 to approve or deny the initiative. Passing of the initiative would allow for 38 dispensaries statewide.

California – The Adult Use of Marijuana Act is an effort to legalize recreational marijuana. The state would issue 19 business licenses, which also includes 13 different cultivation permits.

Massachusetts – Massachusetts supporters hope for recreational marijuana legalization with The Regulation of Taxation of marijuana Act, overseen by the MPP. Massachusetts would use a controlled opening process, allowing only a specific number of dispensaries per patient-base and need.

Missouri – The medical marijuana initiative in Missouri has no name. The Secretary of State must certify or reject the initiative by August 9. A cap would be placed on the number of businesses permitted at state and/or local levels.

Michigan – The Michigan Marijuana Legalization, Regulation, and Economic Stimulus Act would legalize recreational marijuana. A current dispute regarding submitted signatures is underway. Michigan would allow local governments to regulate the recreational marijuana industry including license caps and medical condition qualifications.

Montana – Montana has multiple initiatives in the mix. One initiative would ban all marijuana products. One would legalize medical marijuana by overturning a 2011 ruling. Overturning the 2011 ruling would allow medical marijuana caregivers to have up to three patients. Petition certifications must take place by July 15.

Still working on signatures

Arizona – The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act, overseen by the MPP, would legalize recreational marijuana in the state. Campaign spokespeople have declared obtaining enough signatures. By July 7, the signatures must be submitted to the Secretary of State. Arizona’s structured plan would aid medical marijuana businesses by grandfathering them into the recreational market. The state will only permit 147 recreational licenses, of which, current dispensaries get to apply for first.

Arkansas – The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment wishes to legalize medical marijuana. Signatures must be submitted by July 8 and must be decided by August 25. If passed, eight cultivation sites would be permitted. The Medical Marijuana Commission decides the cultivation owners and approve between 20 and 40 dispensary licenses.

North Dakota – North Dakota has more than one issue on the table, one for medical marijuana and one for recreational use. Signatures must be delivered for approval by July 11. The state would not require licensing to grow, use, sell or possess marijuana. In North Dakota, marijuana would be 100-percent legal.

Oklahoma – State Question 788 is an effort to legalize medical marijuana. Signatures must be submitted for approval by August 11. Four business types would be permitted in the state. Businesses would have to be owned at least 75-percent by Oklahoma residents. The state would accept applications 30-days after the passage of the law and applications would be approved within 14 days.