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5 Best Marijuana Strains for Increasing Productivity

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We often hear about marijuana being great for increasing appetite, sex drive, and helping us sleep better. These things are amazing, but sometimes what is really need is a kick to make us more active and get more done. Here are a few marijuana strains that help people become more active and get more done during the day.

Jack Herer

This sativa is unique, as it combines a strong body high with a cerebral high. This means you can feel great and comfortable sitting at your desk, or going for that morning jog you’ve been meaning to take, while also producing a ton of great ideas. Your mind will be moving a mile a minute as you work, all while you maintain a relaxed demeanor. It also does wonders for boosting creativity.

Sour Diesel

This sativa-dominant hybrid can be a little intense for some, due to how strong it is, but if you can handle it, then you’ll be rewarded with a delicious taste and a clear buzz that allows you to focus in detail on the task at hand. This is perfect for if you have more practical work to get done before you can focus on the creative.

Super Silver Haze

This cross between Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze will give you a strong, earthy body buzz from the haze, but the Skunk and Lights will keep you energized for a full day of work. Try this one out if you have to power through a long work day and need an extra boost of energy.

Strawberry Diesel

This sativa tastes great, and will also provide you with a clear-headed focus and plenty of energy for your work day. Toke on this one before getting started for a calming and sustained high.

Durban Dream

Durban Poison and Blue Dream make a heck of a blend, and this hybrid will ensure a rush of creativity. Try this one out if you really need to get some painting, writing, music making, or general art done.

Contact your local dispensary to see if they currently carry any of these marijuana strains or similar strains.