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Marijuana Use Ranks Highest in San Francisco

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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has completed a poll that shows what areas throughout the United States have the highest concentration of marijuana users. The poll findings show that the San Francisco Bay Area top the charts for the most marijuana users in the U.S.

The data collection by SAMHSA is conducted every few years, according to The Washington Post. The data is taken from annual surveys conducted by National Surveys on Drug Use and Health. Those polled are at least 12 years of age. Several hundred responses are recorded to attain the data shown in a single map infographic.

Marijuana America Map

San Francisco’s results showed that 15-percent of residents ages 12 and older use marijuana at least monthly. The lowest number of users per capita were in Texas, where averages were at 4-percent.

Nationally, roughly 20.3 million Americans use marijuana at least monthly. In terms of region, the western portion of the U.S. has the highest marijuana use percentage.

SAMHSA statistician Art Hughes said, “We continue to see relatively wide variation in marijuana use… There are some states where we see rates on the high end even before legalization.” This shows that legality of marijuana does not hinder use much, even in states where it is not legal in any form.

The data concludes that areas with relaxed attitudes on marijuana use have higher resident usage and acceptance of use rates than states with no form of legalized marijuana use.