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Ganja-preneur’s Marijuana Hotels and Retreats Are a Hit

Bud and Breakfast Hotel

Joel Schneider used to travel back and forth between Denver and New York managing multiple business ventures. He initially had no plans to enter the marijuana industry, but following the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, it prompted Schneider to consider a new venture.

Schneider said, “I was living in a hotel, and I was blowing smoke – worried about getting in trouble – and realized that there was a disconnect. You could purchase as much cannabis as you want, but there’s no place to enjoy it. I called my wife and said I have an idea for a new business.”

Schneider’s marijuana lodging business was established in 2014, according to Summit Daily, and currently has four locations statewide. The Bud + Breakfast hotels, owned by Schneider and his wife Lisa, are located in Denver and Silverthorne, and they also have ranch retreats in Colorado Springs and Grand County.

The Schneiders belong to a quaint group of ganja-preneurs wishing to create an organic, high-end, customer-friendly, and respectable industry.

Philip Wolf, founder of Cultivating Spirits said, “We have the best agriculture in Colorado. That includes the farm-to-table movement, craft beer, and why not pot tourism?”

The types of accommodations vary from booking type, as some high-end experiences are available. The higher-end luxury packages are more attractive to older generations. The Schneiders promote social settings and prohibit marijuana use in guest rooms. They offer social spaces and have 420 Happy Hour and Wake and Bake Breakfasts to keep guests entertained and part of the experience.

Schneider commented, “We think of ourselves as a beautiful bar or smoking club that only offers top-line foods, beer and wine. This is not the stoner mentality with some music and an old couch to sit on. We want it to be classy and an amazing experience.”

The goal is to change the mindset of society regarding marijuana, and to show that those from any lifestyle can enjoy marijuana in luxury accommodations, while being active if they choose to be.

Schneider concluded his commentary with, “I see that there’s always going to be a need for canna-hospitality. There will be people traveling around who want to partake. But things could start changing. As other states open up, the tourism business will become diluted.”