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FDA Asking for Public’s Comments Regarding CBD’s Safety


The FDA is finally acknowledging that cannabidiol (CBD) has medicinal benefits. It’s currently seeking public comments to help the United Nations figure out how to schedule CBD.

Cannabidiol, along with 16 other drugs, is on the list for rescheduling, according to Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society. The World Health Organization (WHO) is going to look at the abuse liability of the 17 substances, including dangerous drugs such as fentanyl analogues and tramadol. Cannabidiol, although known to be completely harmless, is also on that list.

It’s listing in the review documentation reads: “Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the active cannabinoids identified in cannabis, and in the US, CBD-containing products are in human clinical testing in three therapeutic areas, but no such products are approved by FDA, the notice says. CBD is a Schedule I controlled substance.”

Public comments can be submitted via The deadline is Sept. 13.

 Photo: nbcnews