Thursday , September 21 2023
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DEA Classifies New Synthetic THC Drug as Schedule II Substance


A synthetic THC product has been ruled safer than nature-made marijuana. The DEA has officially listed the drug, Syndros, as a Schedule II substance, which allows doctors to prescribe it. Meanwhile, marijuana remains a Schedule I substance.

Syndros is made by Insys Therapuetics, the Arizona-based maker of fentanyl, the most potent, addictive and deadly opioid-based drug in the world, VICE News reports.

Insys Therapeutics’ founder and some executives as being charged by the U.S. government with defrauding insurance companies as well as bribing doctors. Several states and individuals are also suing Insys Therapeutics, stating their responsibility for “triggering America’s opioid epidemic.”

Insys CEO, Saeed Motahari says the launch of Syndros is a “pivotal milestone.”

“The DEA notes that FDA-approved products of oral solutions containing dronabinol [THC] have an approved medical use, whereas marijuana does not have an approved medical use and therefore remains in Schedule I,” said the DEA.

Insys was frowned on when it donated $500,000 to anti-marijuana legalization efforts in Arizona during the last election cycle. It turns out it was developing Syndros at that time.

Photo: RussWiles/azcentral