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Marijuana Parody of a Pharmaceutical Commercial Goes Viral


Briteside, a Portland-based marijuana company, created a parody commercial themed around pharmaceutical companies’ drug commercials. The video advertises the side effects of marijuana use being “euphoria and uncontrollable giggling.” In just days, the video was viewed over 400,000 times.

The video brought thousands of new customers to Briteside, Forbes reports. It’s difficult to advertise for marijuana companies, but doing a parody helps them stay within the written law. Briteside is only a year old, but it’s expanding quickly.

Briteside already grows, sells and delivers marijuana, but it’s also helping other Oregon dispensaries with a new ecommerce marijuana delivery site that allow dispensaries to make deliveries more efficient and ordering even easier.

Justin Junda, CEO and co-founder of Briteside, says the platform is unlike any other and that “most sites want you to buy as much as possible and just load up the shopping cart, but we have to program controls into our online ordering site to make sure the customer isn’t going over the legal cannabis purchase limit in their state or sometimes their particular town.”

Briteside is also creating white label products for other brands, and some Briteside branded products are sold by partner companies.

The company’s 40 employees have stayed rather busy in the first year, and will remain busy, as the company plans to expand to both the California and Canadian markets within the next month.

Junda said, “The demand out there is huge. Way bigger than we ever thought it would be when we got into this.”

Photo: briteside