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8 Marijuana Strains to Reduce Stress and Anxiety During the Holiday Season

Holiday Marijuana

The holiday season can bring on stress and anxiety for many people. Stores are crowded, preparations for houseguests or travel. There are dozens of reasons why stress and anxiety may surge. Luckily, these 8 marijuana strains can help relieve stress and anxiety so that your holiday season can be thoroughly enjoyed.

Stress Reducers:

  • Blue Dream is one of the most popular marijuana strains in the U.S. It is a hybrid with multiple uses, including stress relief. This is not for someone that also experiences anxiety as it is a high THC strain and may induce some slight anxiety or paranoia. It has a citrusy aroma and flavor, but should be used in small doses since it can be potent.
  • AK47 is another hybrid that helps relax the mind and body. Mellow is a common feeling described after using AK-47. Although the effects help relieve stress, it also helps the mind stay alert so that participating in conversations is still an option. It’s not a strain that’s super potent, but is enough to help the body and mind relax enough to forget that stress was trying to ruin the day.
  • Super Sour Diesel is a potent hybrid that tackles stress quickly. The effects come on quick and can tend to stick around for a while. Creativity increases, stress decreases and “going with the flow” seems to be easier. If Super Sour Diesel isn’t a menu option in a local market, seek out Sour Diesel as it will be similar and help reduce stress and lighten moods.
  • Girl Scout Cookies is a strain from California. It is typically above 20-percent THC, so a little goes a long way. Using too much might mean naptime after a big snack. Minor aches and pains, even depression, are no match for Girl Scout Cookies. It’s a hybrid strain with multiple uses that also scares holiday stress away in a flash.

Anxiety Reducers:

  • Cannatonic is a high CBD strain that contains the terpene myrcene. Myrcene helps the body relax and reduce anxiety. When reducing anxiety is a top priority and keeping a clear head is a must – a high CBD strain is the path to take. If Cannatonic is not an option in a local market, look for ACDC, Harlequin, Canna-Tsu or Harle-Tsu.
  • Strawberry Cough is great for social anxiety. There are minor negatives in the form mild paranoia or anxiety, but not enough to summon an anxiety attack. It’ll keep conversations going while helping to relax the mind and body. Also, if a cold or congestion is lurking through the body – it’s also a great decongestant (bronchodilator properties).
  • Jack Herer is named after its creator and is one of the most well-known strains in the world. This is a high THC strain, which isn’t typically suggested for anxiety sufferers, but this strain possesses other cannabinoids that keep anxiety in check. The calming effects of this strain come from one of the parents – Northern Lights. So, if Jack Herer isn’t available, look for Northern Lights.
  • Granddaddy Purple is a daytime indica that helps multiple conditions and keeps the body going. Once chores are done, indulge a little more and the day’s anxiety drifts away. This strain is ideal for generating a peaceful calm throughout the body. It’s also an ideal strain for stress, pain, insomnia and depression.

At least a few of these strains are very likely to be sold at your local dispensary. If not, the dispensary’s patient service representatives, or budtenders, will be able to find you a strain in stock that will help reduce stress and anxiety.