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Popular Pro-Marijuana Quotes from Celebrities and Politicians

Marijuana Quotes
Celebrities and (some) politicians have been pro-marijuana for years. Below are some of their best quotes.

Jon Stewart

I don’t think marijuana should be illegal.

John McCain

Maybe we should legalize. We’re certainly moving that way as far as marijuana is concerned. I respect the will of the people.

Donald Trump

I think medical should happen… I know people that are very, very sick and for whatever reason, the marijuana really helps them… In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state by state.

Mark Cuban

Yes [we should legalize marijuana]. And release prisoners who are incarcerated for pot.

Dr. Oz

I grew up like most of my generation believing that marijuana was something Satan was throwing at Americans and a communist plot. But I think most of us have come around to the belief that marijuana is hugely beneficial when used correctly for medicinal purposes… It absolutely should be widely available in America.

Vicente Fox

We must come with new, intelligent, bright ideas like…legalizing the production, distribution and consumption of drugs… We legalize consumption and then we can move out of enforcement and dedicate the money, the efforts and the public policies to attending a health program.

Bill O’Reilly

What the authorities should do is decriminalize pot use. You wanna do it in your house, not bother anyone? Fine.

Whoopi Goldberg

If you make it legal it becomes like liquor. Like at a liquor store you have to be a certain age to get it, you have to have ID when you go in, you have the different kinds. And it will be utilized and taxed the same way that they do liquor. They’ll make money. It’s the same that they do with cigarettes.

Morgan Freeman

It’s just the stupidest law possible… You’re just making criminals out of people who aren’t engaged in criminal activity. And we’re spending zillions of dollars trying to fight a war we can’t win! We could make zillions, just legalize it and tax it like we do liquor. It’s stupid.

Richard Branson

With calls for Congress to end the federal war on marijuana, it’s currently estimated that the annual revenue that would be raised in California if it taxed and regulated the sale of marijuana would be $1,400,000,000! The work that could be done with those funds in providing a progressive approach could have an incredibly positive impact on those communities worst affected.

Glenn Beck

I think it’s about time we legalize marijuana… We either put people who are smoking marijuana behind bars or we legalize it, but this little game we are playing in the middle is not helping us, it is not helping Mexico and it is causing massive violence on our southern border… Fifty percent of the money going to these cartels is coming just from marijuana coming across our border.

Larry King

Do you think we should legalize marijuana? I think we should. It’s about time.

Bill Clinton

I think that most small amounts of marijuana have been decriminalized in some places, and should be. We really need a re-examination of our entire policy on imprisonment.

Carl Sagan

The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world

Nancy Pelosi

What is my position regarding the states that have medical marijuana or recreational marijuana as the law of their states? I think that has to be respected. I think tax and regulate. And in order to do that there has to be a level of respect for the fact that, if you’re going to have recreational marijuana, somebody is in business to do that and they have to have tax treatment in order for them to function as a business.

Seth Rogen

There are probably 400 people getting murdered at this second, and these two cops are taking an hour to write up my court summons for smoking a joint… That just seemed so…ridiculous to me.

Jack Nicholson

The illicit drug market funds terrorism and — this is a huge problem in America — fuels the foreign gangs. More than 85 percent of men incarcerated in America are on drug-related offenses. It costs $40,000 a year for every prisoner. If they were really serious about the economy there would be a sensible discussion about legalization.

Photo: Lawrence K. Ho/LATimes