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First In-House CBD Production Facility Opens in Idaho

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Snake River Solace is Idaho’s first CBD production facility. Customers are able to see operations taking place in the back from the business’s retail area.

The owner, Cody Hellickson, says that the new facility and open window allows for transparency of the process of making CBD products, Idaho State Journal reported. Customers can see everything, right down to every ingredient that goes into a product.

Idaho law requires that all CBD products are isolate – meaning absolutely zero THC can be in the product.

Hellickson said, “We want to always be transparent… The FDA reports that only 2% of brands out there actually have CBD content inside their products.”

Idaho law also says that the CBD can only be extracted from one of 5 specific parts of the hemp plant. The CBD isolate and coconut oil that Snake River Solace uses are sourced out-of-state but all other ingredients are local.