Monday , April 15 2024
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World’s First Marijuana Friendly Gym Opening

Marijuana Gym

Power Plant Fitness is set to be the world’s first marijuana-friendly gym. It will be opening soon in San Francisco, CA. Gym members will be able to consume marijuana on-site. The mission of Power Plant Fitness is “to reverse the lazy stereotypes about pot users.”

Co-Founder of Power Plant Fitness, Jim McAlpine, says, “It won’t be a place to get high and just screw around. We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side.”

Power Plant Fitness will do more than just provide a gym environment for its members, according to Tech Insider. The company will also work with members by completing a marijuana performance assessment, which helps members determine the best way for individual users to consume marijuana. The gym sees marijuana as a “tool for focus and recovery,” McAlpine told Tech Insider.

McAlpine also wrote that, “We will be helping our members figure out how is best for them to ingest their cannabis.”

In the beginning stages, edibles and vaping will be permitted on-site. An outdoor marijuana-use area will be constructed in the future, as San Francisco city and county laws are amended in the coming years. Prior to opening the gym has to establish how it can legally offer marijuana products, as it may have to be listed as a dispensary lounge according to California law.