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Marijuana Suppositories Ease Pain for Menstrual Cramps

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Foria’s latest product, Foria Relief, a marijuana-infused vaginal suppository to ease the pain of menstrual cramps is receiving positive reviews. Foria’s first product, Foria Pleasure, was a marijuana-infused personal lubricant for female use, and has been wildly successful.

Some have reviewed Foria Relief and have reported great results. An author for VICE, Mish Barber Way, was able to try the product herself and reported having relief in about 20 minutes from cramps and pelvic pain.

Dr. Jennifer Berman, a Beverly Hills urologist, became interested in discussing the potential to use marijuana to decrease inflammation and pain during menstrual cycles. Foria founder, Matthew Gerson spoke with Dr. Berman and the two began conjuring ideas to create the suppository product named Foria Relief.

Dr. Berman stated that, “When a woman experiences menstrual cramps, the uterus is contracting. The muscle goes into spasm, and it releases inflammatory mediators that exacerbate pain. Cannabis, in general, works to relieve muscle spasms by increasing blood flow and decreasing muscle contractions. When you increase blood flow, you help to restore oxygenation to the tissue, thereby decreasing inflammation and lessening discomfort.”

Gerson, in regards to use of Foria Pleasure, a lubrication spray, said that, “Large numbers of women were sharing with us the pain-relieving benefits they were experiencing from using Foria Pleasure [the spray]. Not just for menstrual cramps but for endometriosis and pelvic pain.”

Dr. Berman elaborated by saying, “When a medicine is delivered through the mucosa of the vagina, rather than orally or [as] a topical treatment, it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. This is not about Foria being better or worse than prescription medication for treating cramps – nor is Foria FDA-approved, nor has it been clinically studied in women yet. All we are talking about is that cannabis-based products help relax the muscles, and the uterus is a muscle.”

The suppositories are also reported to provide the feeling of being “high” throughout the entire body.