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5 Upcoming Marijuana-Related TV Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

HBO High Maintenance

Marijuana-related TV shows are not new to audiences. Since the mid-2000s, mainstream marijuana-related television shows like Weeds have been aired. Weeds ran for 8 seasons on Showtime and received an Emmy award for Outstanding Cinematography in 2010. It set the tone for the new class of marijuana-related TV shows, some of which are already airing regularly.

With big names like Snoop Dogg getting involved, several shows are already highly anticipated by industry connoisseurs. Here’s a look at five marijuana-related TV shows that are sure to make waves in the television world.

Mary + Jane

In combination with executive producer Snoop Dogg, MTV has launched a new series entitled Mary + Jane. In this series, two women, Jessica Rothe and Scout Durwood, are portraying ganja-preneurs. Their all-female marijuana delivery service, set in Los Angeles is insightful and comedic. Snoop Dogg himself plans to make unexpected cameo appearances.


John Malkovich will star in the Sony Pictures TV series Humboldt. The series is inspired by the book ‘Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier’ written by Emily Brady. The plot surrounds a community in Northern California, headed by the Humboldt family that has existed solely on the cultivation and sale of marijuana in Northern California.


For those that don’t have streaming services or movie channels, you can enjoy watching Buds on NBC. The setting is a Denver dispensary. The show will help outsiders understand what the day-to-day operations of a marijuana dispensary is like.

No premier date is available yet.


The upcoming Netflix series Disjointed is a marijuana dispensary comedy. It stars Kathy Bates. So far, 20 episodes are planned. The basis of the show stems around a lifelong marijuana legalization advocate owning her dream marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles.

A release date has not been announced.

High Maintenance

HBO is getting in on marijuana-related TV with High Maintenance. It is a comedy, which premiered on Vimeo (2013). The series is set in Brooklyn where well-respected New Yorkers call “The Guy” when they need marijuana. High Maintenance premiered on September 16 on HBO.