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MediBubbler’s Smooth Bubble Bubbler


This new glass bubbler is “guaranteed to be smooth”!

The Smooth Bubble Bubbler by MediBubbler is a sleek and modern glass bubbler that features an inline percolator that increases the smoke/water ratio and thus provides very smooth draws.

Frequently changing out the bubbler’s water will keep your herb’s different flavor profiles at their pinnacle. And a carburetor next to the removable slide increases airflow for added power on draws.

The mouthpiece is also removable for easy cleaning or switching out for sanitation purposes when sharing with friends. Furthermore, when the smoke gets filtered through water it helps to remove some harmful bi-products produced from combusting plant matter.

MediBubbler has four bubblers (one is available and three are coming soon). Every MediBubbler comes with ten brass filters and is “Guaranteed to Be Smooth.”

Get one today!

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