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Idahoans Love to Visit Oregon to Purchase Marijuana

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Many Idahoans are traveling to Huntington, Oregon to purchase marijuana. The population of Huntington is a mere 435 people, and most days the number of visitors from out of state outnumber the permanent residents. Most come from Idaho.

Needless to say, this makes Governor Otter very unhappy, according to Idaho Statesman. The tiny town only has an annual budget of $200K; however, marijuana tax dollars could help that town double its budget very soon. Residents of Huntington that formerly opposed recreational marijuana are seeing the benefits of sales for the town.

City Councilman Chuck Guerri said, “A lot of times they have to hang around quite awhile. When (the dispensaries) are really busy, it’s two, two-and-a-half hours before (customers) get their product. So they mingle and they go to the store. They sit and have a hamburger or something. And all that helps. Every little bit of it helps when you’re a small town.”

The Huntington city recorder, Shellie Nash, said, “There are a few people that are still very much against it. And we expect that that’s always going to be that way. But we have had people that were against it at first that have since seen the impact it is having on the town and have seen that it’s not bringing in riffraff and stuff like they originally expected.”

The benefit for Idahoans is that Huntington is a mere 30-miles away. Most hang out and enjoy the change of environment after purchasing their desired amount of marijuana. Some of the travelers are in their 70s and others are younger, 20-somethings.

Guerri expects that a few of the abandoned buildings in Huntington will reopen as recreational marijuana shops, further boosting its local economy. Idahoans have sent a clear message that they want legal marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes, and will travel to purchase it.