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The 2017 Boise Hempfest Will Be Held on April 15th

Boise Hempfest Idaho

On April 15, the 2017 Boise Hempfest will take place. It is officially licensed via Seattle Hempfest and will take place at Julia Davis Park. This is a family friendly and educational event.

For the kids, bounce houses will be available, according to 103.5 KISS FM Radio. Additional entertainment including fire dancers and live music are also on the agenda. Idaho residents are crossing state lines into Oregon to purchase marijuana.

Although marijuana is still illegal for all purposes in Idaho, activists are working tirelessly to bring marijuana law reform to the state. Marijuana use at the event will not be allowed.

A disclaimer on the Hempfest website reads: “According to Idaho Statute 37-2732C(a), it is ILLEGAL to use or be under the influence of a controlled substance in public. In addition, per Boise City Code, smoking tobacco is also prohibited in public parks.

The Boise Police Department will likely be in attendance and Boise Hempfest does not wish to see anyone arrested or cited while at our event. Anyone smoking a substance of ANY KIND will be asked to leave the park.”

The disclaimer is to ensure that all event goers experience the event safely and without ending up with a criminal charge for public use. Additional information regarding Boise Hempfest 2017 is available on the event’s website.