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New Boise Store Plans to Sell Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil


John Chaves and Michael Larsen are opening Welcomed Science in Boise. They’ll be selling CBD oil products. Advocates tout the health benefits of CBD oil, such as pain relief and better sleep. CBD oil is not an FDA approved substance.

Medical marijuana is not legal in Idaho, so the oil will come from California where it is produced from industrial hemp plant stalks, reports KIVI 6 News. CBD is non-psychoactive.

Co-owner of Welcomed Science, John Chaves, said, “As of right now you have to drive out of town or order online so we wanted to bring that to the local residents here.”

Co-owner Michael Larsen said, “Someone could literally come into our store and take every product we have in the store, they would not get high off of it.”

Larsen also said, “What we had to do was just find exactly the letter of the law and then make sure we were well in the confines of that.”

Regarding THC concentration, Larsen said, “At the federal level, you’re allowed to have up to .3 percent THC in the CBD oil. Here in Idaho, we’re not allowed to have any THC.”

Within a few weeks Welcomed Science should open its doors. They’ll be offering a variety of CBD products such as oils, CBD treats for dogs and cats and CBD-infused water.