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Idaho’s Governor Still Skeptical About Marijuana Having Health Benefits

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Skepticism remains regarding marijuana, but research continues to prove its medicinal value. The findings need to be respected. Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) has been in existence for at least 10,000 years and has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and is one of the oldest medicines known. But Idaho’s governor hasn’t caught up with the times yet.

Marijuana oil was available over-the-counter in pharmacies around the U.S. until 1937, Redoubt News reports. The American Medical Association (AMA) didn’t argue the banning of marijuana because they didn’t know what it was. Dr. Woodward of the AMA testified decades ago that the AMA would have protested marijuana prohibition had they known that marijuana is cannabis.

Back then, changing cannabis to marijuana in written and spoken materials made it seem like the two were different, saying that it gave marijuana a hidden identity.

Arguments have spiked recently regarding politicians having the “ability to tell people which medicines they can or can’t take”, citing Medical Freedom. Those opposing Governor Otter’s decisions to veto any type of marijuana reform say he “does not have a medical license”. They are also stating that he shouldn’t be placing judgments on what medicines are okay and which are not.

Some are calling for Governor Otter’s veto to be reversed in the next legislative session.