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Idahoans Taking Full Advantage of Washington Border Town Dispensaries

Idaho Marijuana Dispensary

Recreational marijuana may still be illegal in Idaho, but those living in Moscow only have to travel about a mile to make a purchase. Moscow is about a mile west of the Idaho/Washington state line. Floyd’s Cannabis Co. opened on July 1.

The manager of Floyd’s Cannabis Co., Stephanie Olson, says business is booming, according to Moscow-Pullman Daily News. The location at Highway 270 and Pullman Airport Road used to be a nursery. Whitman County Commissioner Art Swannack says that the store’s location is “mostly a moot point”.

Olson said, “I’ve seen a lot of Montana driver’s licenses, a lot of Idaho, California. There’s been quite an out-of-state presence, definitely.”

The location of Floyd’s is within Whitman County, but meets required state guidelines and regulations. Its location can’t be stopped from operating. The Pullman Police Department isn’t thrilled about the store’s location. They claim that their concerns weren’t taken into consideration before the retail shop opened. Although the shop has a Pullman mailing address, it’s not within Pullman city limits.

Olson says that the store’s location to the Idaho border wasn’t deliberate. She says it was just an open space at the time.

Floyd’s Cannabis Pullman/Moscow 21+ is what is shown on the company’s Facebook Page. It isn’t directly target Moscow since it’s really the store’s location. The store has a new Instagram page as its original page, including the word Moscow, was taken down due to flagging by another use.

Olson said, “We were told when we came in here that we were going to have a hard time with social media and competitors.”

All posts made by the retail shop include warnings regarding the “intoxicating effects” of marijuana and that it “may be habit forming”. She also says the company reminds its followers that they have to be 21 to purchase and use marijuana.

Latah County Chief Deputy Tim Besst said, “Obviously we’re not excited about it because it’s so close to the border, but I’m not surprised.”

Neither the Moscow Police Department or Latah County Police Department have increased enforcement in the area.

Regarding the marijuana coming back into Idaho, Olson said, “Whatever they by, if they take it right across the border, there’s nothing we can do.”