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Idaho Gubernatorial Candidates Support Medical Marijuana Legalization


Idaho has had a very hard time getting any kind of marijuana legislation passed. The current governor doesn’t believe that marijuana has any medicinal benefit. But, some gubernatorial candidates aren’t in agreement.

Candidates Brad Little and Tommy Ahlquist both support the use of CBD oil for medicinal purposes, KIVI 6 TV reports. Neither candidate would support recreational marijuana legislation. Little shares the opinion of the current governor and doesn’t support traditional medical marijuana, just CBD oil.

Little said, “I am totally against recreational marijuana, and medical marijuana, I think it needs to be narrow. Like we’re doing it now to where we have a controlled program particularly for those kids, those epileptic kids, that the cannabidiol is a solution. But we have to control the quality of that product. It cannot be wholesale.”

Ahlquist said, “If it’s prescribed by a physician and the hallucinogenic properties are out, just like other plants we use in medicine… I’m very much behind that. But I’m totally opposed to the legalization of marijuana.”

Governor Otter announced that he won’t be seeking a new term. In terms of medical marijuana or any type of marijuana law reform in Idaho – it looks like lawmakers supporting medical marijuana will have to start with getting CBD oil legalized for broader use.