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Legalization of Marijuana in Idaho May Be on the Horizon

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According to Bill Colley, marijuana legalization may be in Idaho’s near future after all. A recent poll conducted by News Radio 1310 shows far more support for legalization than previously thought. Support for both medical and recreational use is high.

The Chairman of the Twin Falls County Republican Party hinted that Primary Day may be more like a referendum day on marijuana legalization, according to News Radio 1310.  Steve Millington suggested that several candidates in the Republican Party support medical marijuana oil. Others support decriminalization.

The Republican Party will likely attempt to target those that are marijuana-friendly and work to get them registered to vote. It’s speculated that it may boost voter registration among younger voters.

On the other side of politics in the state, Democrats are having similar debates, but are a little more split on opinion it seems.

The support shown in the recent poll and potential lawmakers voicing their support signifies a shift in public opinion in Idaho regarding marijuana.