Friday , October 7 2022
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Idaho Group Focuses Efforts on Legalizing Medical Marijuana

People for Cannabis in Idaho is a group on Facebook that was created by Blue Hadden to gain support for marijuana legalization in Idaho. Hadden is wheelchair-bound and wants to see discussions start about how to go about legalizing at least medical marijuana in Idaho. He’d also like to see recreational marijuana legalized too.

Hadden moved to neighboring Washington State to have access to marijuana as it was all that gave him relief, News Radio 1310 reports. Opioids made him sick and brought on depression. He now resides with his aunt.

Hadden said, “I was eating it, drinking it, any way I could ingest it and it was working for all the things I have been struggling with. I finally found a remedy that worked for me that didn’t make me sicker.”

He also said, “It was really hard for me to move away from all of my family and my home when I have lived there my whole life but it was something I had to do so I could be happier and healthier as I am now.”

Hadden’s Facebook group is a place for peaceful discussion. He does not allow advertising for any kind of services or products. He stresses that there is to be no rudeness or hostility, hate-speech or bullying in his group. He’s doing his best to create a healthy discussion place to increase support and reform Idaho’s archaic marijuana laws.

Join the discussion at People for Cannabis in Idaho.