Saturday , September 24 2022
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Idaho Democratic Party Now Supports Marijuana Legalization

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In a surprising turn of events, the Idaho Democratic Party’s new platform includes support for marijuana legalization. Idaho has long been a state that has staunchly opposed legalization of any form of marijuana, according to the Idaho Press.

The platform plank includes the statements:

  • We support the legalization of marijuana
  • They support medical and recreational marijuana legalization
  • They believe that legal marijuana tax revenues should be put toward educational funding and improving the state’s infrastructure
  • They support the legalization of agricultural hemp

There was only one thing brought up for debate in the new platform plank – strengthening some of the language. The language adopted in this platform is the strongest ever adopted by the state’s democrats. Following the approval of the platform, a standing ovation was given.

This may strengthen efforts to pass some kind of marijuana law reform in Idaho.