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Anti-Marijuana Idaho House Speaker’s Company Protects a Dispensary


Representative Brent Crane is the Vice President of Crane Alarms Services, and Idaho State treasurer, Ron Crane, owns the company. Crane Alarm Systems provides security services to Hotbox Farms in Oregon – a marijuana dispensary.

Representative Crane has not been silent about his opposition of marijuana, according to the Idaho Statesman. He commented that part of his opposition is due to issues for law enforcement in marijuana-legal states. His staunch opposition of recreational marijuana seems to carry over to medical marijuana as well as there are no votes in his name supporting any type of medical marijuana law reform.

Crane said, “I am unwavering in my opposition to the legalization of recreational marijuana.”

He also said, “Yes, I can confirm that Crane Alarm does provide security services at Hotbox Farms in Huntington, Ore.” Rep. Crane is also aware of the money his company is receiving from Hotbox Farms. “I am aware of it because I oversee the invoicing for our customers.”

Representative Crane oversees the fire alarm division of the company. He claims that he had no control over the decision to provide security services to Hotbox Farms. He commented that his brother Jaron, who is in charge of the day-to-day operations, made the decision himself.

Crane said, “It was solely (Jaron’s) decision to provide security services to Hotbox Farms.”

During Crane’s campaign for assistant majority leader news of the lawmaker’s company dealings surfaced. Pictures of Crane Alarms Systems were shown posted in Oregon dispensary windows. Some then called Crane a hypocrite. It is something that has sparked a bit of controversy in those supporting marijuana law reform in Idaho.