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Idaho Study Finds Marijuana Derivative Can Reduce Seizures

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The New England Journal of Medicine recently published study results regarding cannabidiol (CBD) and its treatment of seizure disorders like Dravet-syndrome. Cannabidiol doesn’t produce psychoactive effects. Some patients participating in the study, funded by GW Pharmaceuticals, reduced their seizures by half.

Some study participants completely stopped having seizures, Priest River Times reports. Governor Otter approved funding for a limited clinical study in Idaho. A second round of funding was approved to continue the study. However, in Idaho, only those approved for the study are reaping the benefits of cannabidiol.

Some Idaho residents are moving to medical marijuana legal states to obtain medicine. Those that remain in the state are either just waiting or break the law to get CBD oil to help treat themselves and their children.

Dr. Orrin Devinsky, lead author of the study, said, “The message is that cannabidiol does work in reducing convulsing seizures in children with Dravet-syndrome.”

GW Pharmaceuticals manufactures Epidiolex, a CBD-based pharmaceutical used in several clinical studies for the purpose of studying its effect on seizure disorders. Epidiolex is expected to be expensive. GW’s funded study showed positive results for those with seizure disorders.

Columnist Michelle Malkin is now a pediatric medical marijuana parent. Her daughter was prescribed Trileptal, an anti-epileptic drug, after a fall that left her with serious residual effects like chronic pain and fatigue. She experienced severe side effects such as an extreme loss of appetite, temporary dystonia and more fatigue. Her daughter still experienced a “motor tic” that the drug was supposed to help. Finally, the doctor recommended that she try CBD for her daughter.

Regarding that experience, Malkin said, “Our experience showed us the importance of increasing therapeutic choices in the marketplace for all families… and trusting doctors and patients to figure out what works best.”

Families, adult patients and some lawmakers are wondering why Idaho still hasn’t seen the light when it comes to CBD and its benefits. Many don’t understand the state’s continued war on marijuana when no one has died from its use. They’re wondering how many more studies lawmakers, and Governor Otter, will have to read before they realize that patients can benefit from using CBD products.